What is Your MSP Offering You?

Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance are two primary reasons businesses turn to managed IT services these days, according to Research and Markets’ Managed Services Market 2017 report. With the sheer number of high-profile security breaches and ransomware attacks striking corporations and government agencies recently, the demand for reliable IT security comes as no surprise.

Without a doubt, most businesses who turn to Managed Service Providers have need for a cybersecurity solution. Since many clients are looking for a “one-stop shop”, the growth-oriented MSP must offer these solutions to stay competitive.

What Security Solutions Should an MSP Offer?

At the very least, all MSPs should offer the basics. These include endpoint protection with malware scanning and spam filtering, patch management, and managed firewalls.

These measures are seen as “bare bones” in today’s threat landscape and shouldn’t be considered a complete cybersecurity solution. Cybercriminals are becoming more aggressive and their methods more advanced, meaning that more sophisticated technology and tactics are required to provide true data and network protection.

To be truly comprehensive, a cybersecurity solution should include real-time monitoring and threat response. (This is especially true if an MSP works with verticals falling under regulatory requirements.)

Managed Security Monitoring and Managed Security Services Providers

While managed security is a very attractive offering to MSP clients, the majority of Managed Service Providers simply lack the resources to provide 24/7 data protection.  As with any other managed service, when an MSP takes charge of a business’ security infrastructure, they become responsible for maintenance, logging, troubleshooting, and threat response. Parallel to these increased duties comes a greater level of risk to the MSP.

Again, this increase in risk and resource usage is what often holds back MSPs from offering a competitive cybersecurity solution — but to neglect this offering will ultimately turn away a growing share of the market.

This is precisely the conundrum that Vijilan has solved. Purpose-built for MSPs, Vijilan’s solutions allow Value-Added Resellers and channel partners to sell advanced cybersecurity to their clients without taking on the additional risk or resource burdens. Our Security Operations Center searches out and responds to threats 24/7 so that MSP owners can run their business without worrying about the next cyberattack. White-labeling allows our partners to sell Vijilan’s security services as their own, and our marketing support makes it easy to build value and close the deal.

As an MSP owner, the choice is yours. You can take on the work and responsibility of maintaining your own Security Operations Center, or you can partner with a trusted Managed Security Provider such as Vijilan Security. Either way, it is becoming more and more essential to the success of any IT provider that they offer aggressive, responsive cybersecurity.

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