There are many cybersecurity risks out there; Phishing, Malware, Ransomeware, etc. and the best way to safeguard against threats such as these is to be knowledgable. Read blogs and articles or reach out to your IT Service Provider for more information and they can help you cut your risks down tremendously and recommend products to protect your business.

  • Phishing emails look like real emails.
  • No one is exempt from getting phished.
  • Phishing happens to everyone. You have to be savvy, so it won’t happen to you.


Here are some tips to avoid Phishing Scams:

  1. Look at the sender. This means the email address it came from and NOT JUST THE NAME. Sometimes the name could be your mother’s name or even your boss’s name BUT always, always check the email address because that’s what gives the phisher away.
  2. Target, Walmart, UPS and lots of other trusted sites, brands and companies can be misrepresented in a phishing email. For example, anyone can get a logo and stick it on an email. CHECK the sender’s email address.
  3. When you aren’t sure, DON’T click on anything OR respond to the suspicious email. Simply Google the sender or the possible scam. Often times when it is a scam, it will show up on Google. Contact the company and let them know and then block the sender and move to your spam folder.  AGAIN, do not click on anything or reply to the phishing email in question.
  4. If you truly cannot figure out if you are being phished, call your trusted IT Professional. They can advise you properly.
  5. Lastly and again, when you see a suspicious email…ALWAYS check the sender’s email address and never click on anything or reply.

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