About KML



KML Computer Services is here to help small businesses make more money and be more profitable by assisting them with their technology. This allows the business owner to do their job and not become imprisoned by that technology. We will relieve the burden of having to deal with technology on a day-to-day basis and allow them to concentrate on what they do best – run their business.

Founded in 2004, in Northville, Michigan, the firm has expanded their business to encompass most areas of southeast Michigan.  In 2010 KML expanded and opened an office in the Hilton Head, South Carolina area and now serves the Lowcountry and nearby Georgia.

Over the years KML has relieved many clients of technology worries so that they can concentrate on growing their business and realizing their business goals.

Vision Statement

Invest in the success of our clients by providing intelligent technology solutions and IT support. This may not be the lowest price you will find but it will absolutely be the very best solution for the clients’ needs. This shared success with our clients will allow them to become our partners and allow us to be successful.

Mission Statement

KML fosters an environment that is built around relationships that encompass value-driven IT support and profit-oriented solutions. We listen and take a consistent approach to solving clients’ needs. This methodology allows us to focus on the overall success of our clients as if we are a part of their company, which in turn allows for the growth of KML, its employees, partners, and vendors.


Other companies may try to sell technology for technology’s sake, but it is KML’s core belief that technology is unimportant until we understand how the client does business. That way we can have the client invest only in the technology that makes sense for them and not needless bells and whistles.

The KML team of experts provides unbeatable solutions to meet the growing technological demands of a diverse business community. We understand the importance of personalizing our approach to best fulfill your specific needs while working efficiently and within budget.

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