Cybersecurity risks are just a thing of reality. I know that most business owners want to run and hide when the term Cybersecurity is even mentioned, however, the risks are far too great to ignore. That being said, what can be done to protect your business?

The best word of advice would be to discuss a great plan of action with your IT Service Provider. They can recommend great products and approaches to keep your business safe. As a business owner however, you want to also make sure you understand these risks, at least on a very high level as well. Keep yourself up to date by reading reputable and current blogs and articles and get in the mindset that there is no one solution.

It is important to understand that when it comes to Cybersecurity risks, only a layered approach is a smart approach. Gone are the days when you can just purchase an antivirus and think you are protected.

The best analogy I use with my clients is to think of the way you protect your home. At home you lock the doors, build a fence, and sometimes a security system to keep it safe, right? All of these things will most likely keep you safe but none of them guarantee that someone won’t still get into your home. A smart/savvy criminal could still find ways to get into your home if they wanted to, but you still lock your doors and turn your alarms on in hopes to ward off most of the riff raff. Same goes for cybersecurity.

As far as our Healthcare clients, we always tell them to adhere to our security recommendations for HIPAA reasons. If there were ever a breach and the “HIPAA Police” question your efforts and see that basic security recommendations weren’t adhered to, you could face some hefty fines.

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