Have you ever considered leasing new technology hardware like computers, firewalls or printers? What about TVs, office furniture, or industry specific equipment? Through a few trusted partners KML can offer you easy and flexible payment plans.

A Dollar Buy Out Lease is the most popular option for most of our clients. This lease is best described more like a payment plan where you own the equipment at the end of the term by simply paying us one dollar. It’s easy and affordable and a great choice for small business owners.

Benefits of leasing include:

  • Convenience & Speed: Streamlined process featuring one page applications, fast quotes, and competitive rates.
  • Tax Section 179: A significant tax advantage for purchases made before the end of the year where you get 100% depreciation on the asset up front.
  • Convenient end of term options to purchase the equipment or renew the contract.
  • Easy to manage payment solutions tailored to fit the particular needs of your business.
  • Paying You Faster: We reduce the transaction time by offering net terms with a built in, long term, finance option.
  • Soft Costs are Covered: These can include maintenance, installation, training, etc. Meaning we can finance 100% Software and Services.
  • Multiple Vendors, ONE lease: All your items, regardless of asset class, in a project into one lease.
  • Vendor Neutral: Ability to provide consistent rates across all gear for bundled solutions.
  • Deferred Option: Offering 3-6-month deferments of first payment.
  • ONE Contact: You will have one dedicated leasing representative
  • Creative Structure: We provide unique payment structures for your business.