According to industry experts, you can expect the average desktop PC to last between three and eight years.

Signs Your Desktop PC Needs an Upgrade

It may seem that you just updated your computers, but if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is time to consider an upgrade:

  • The machine is slow to start up and shut down.
  • Programs are slowing down and multi-tasking is difficult.
  • Storage space is limited.
  • Software updates are not accepted.
  • The newest security software is not compatible.
  • Your machines are noisy or heat up.

Tips to Make an Upgrade Easy and Affordable

According to Mark Rossi, president of KML Computer Services, “Two of the main concerns we hear from clients about upgrading systems are cost and downtime, yet the cost and downtime of an outdated computer system far outweigh the price you pay for a new one. Hardware costs are much more reasonable than people realize and proper planning eliminates downtime.”

Rossi advises business clients to work with IT professionals to plan and implement system upgrades. “Technology changes quickly so when we work with clients, we ensure their system works well today and can adapt and grow with their evolving business needs. Many businesses underestimate their future needs, especially regarding speed, storage and security.”

Work With a Managed Service Provider for Your Computer System Upgrade

KML Computer Services recently launched an online marketplace to give businesses access to a curated selection of technology products, from hardware to software, from networking to phone systems. This was a response to clients’ needs for help purchasing the right system, and most importantly, having the support needed to install, service and secure their technology.

Local experts to help with technology sales and service is long overdue in the Lowcountry, especially as many businesses are growing and/or shifting to hybrid work models. And if you need to update your technology every few years, having a local partner to help is nice.

Mark Rossi is president of KML Computer Services. Since 1996 he has been immersed in the technology field, working in various positions, from hardware technician and network manager to network engineer and IT consultant.