During this period of Social Distancing, I have been thrilled to see people still being there for one another. There’s always good to be found in moments of doom and gloom.

If you were wondering, what can I do? There are lots of ways to help support each other during this time:

  • Restless children? Have them color pictures or write letters to folks in nursing homes or hospitals that are quarantined.
  • Are you crafty with a sewing machine? Sew some masks and donate them to your local healthcare providers.
  • There are lots of ways to donate to public health agencies and emergency responders online and on most social media outlets. If you don’t want to just donate money, how about food? Have lunch delivered to a local healthcare facility or your local first responders.

There’s lots to be done and it’s a time to spread selflessness and kindness. So, spread it around like well, the Corona-19 virus and hope it infects us all!

Being home much more has had a pretty great effect on our pets… These pets are calling it Social Closeness and they are loving this time with their families. I took advantage of all of my Facebook Friends’ boredom and requested some content for this month’s blog.


I hope you enjoy these pet pics as much as I did!

Mia’s Bed Before and After

This pup decided to take a lap nap.

These guys are getting ready to check the mail!

Dog Yoga

Poor Daisy is being crushed by her sister, Izzy in an attempted snuggle

We all need a friend to comfort us in times like these.

I cannot even stand how cute these two are!

Jazzy and Dexter are taking this time to work on their modeling careers.

Lady like schmady like for these girls!  

More models in the making…

Having one parent in healthcare and one parent as a first responder doesn’t leave much room for social closeness for Kirby.

Stay well!

Can’t forget these guys! Samson and Bodie…A rare snuggle caught on camera.

Ladies and gentlemen…This picture is the true essence of social closeness