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Is your company data and equipment safe, should a disaster recovery happen?
By Mark Rossi

When emergency alerts begin, most people’s first thoughts are how to safeguard their homes and where they will evacuate should a storm hit. Unfortunately, businesses often forget to protect their equipment, safeguard their networks and enable communication with customers and employees should there be an evacuation. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, blizzard, fire, flood or human error, a disaster recovery plan will help keep your data safe. 

KML Computer Services provides clients with a hurricane checklist and remote services to help prepare for and manage through a storm. Below are some basic steps. It is critical to be able to connect and collaborate with your IT consultant during a storm to minimize business disruption. For example, KML Computer Services uses a remote access service that allows technicians to connect with a business’s computers to troubleshoot if needed.


• Back up all data and files, even on laptops. Consider saving data directly into the cloud in addition to local drives for added peace of mind and remote access.

• Depending on the type of business you run, you may need to work with a service that provides the necessary backup security protocols (i.e. PCI, HIPAA, etc.).

• Assume your building will lose power for an extended period of time—plan for that.

• Assume internet connectivity to your office will be lost for an extended period of time.

• Plan your return to deal with equipment affected by the storm since local utilities will be inundated with other more important issues first.

• Move your critical equipment off-site to a safe area above potential flooding.

• Unplug critical equipment that may be affected by electrical surge.

• Review the plan with vendors. Secure from them a clear understanding and commitment to the plan.

• Identify potential co-working or off-site locations to perform essential tasks. Plan for closed roads. Have communications, data connectivity, desktops or laptops and workspace at those sites. ■

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