This Christmas blog is an oldie but a goodie, so I thought I would revise and re-post for your Christmas enjoyment.

When Bodie first came to live with us it was Christmas time, just five short years ago. We had put up a Christmas tree and I had hung all of my handmade ornaments on it. When Bodie arrived, he barely gave the tree a second look. He did, however, make sure to brush pass it with all of his body weight, wag his tail against it so that all of the ornaments flew off, and then, eventually, he lifted his leg and “watered” it for us. We have not had a Christmas tree since.

Now that we are in the new house, we are getting a tree this year! This is the first time in five years, so fingers are crossed that the ornaments stay intact and all else stays dry.

How could anyone stay mad at this face?

Look how handsome and adorable Samson is when he poses for a photo.
Now can you believe this is the same dog?
Check out this evil eye. He was very mad at his mom for this outfit.

If you look closely, you can see a certain little someone peering through the door. No forced Christmas attire, yet still giving a stink eye.

Since Samson has forever opted out of Christmas outfits, here’s Bodie in his Christmas attire.

This time of year gets cold; and animals without homes at local facilities could use donations like, warm blankets, beds, or food. This season, please remember that donating to your local shelters and animal rescue facilities can really make the difference and so can adopting. There is no better gift than that of a fury companion.

Ok. Now that I am done “Sara McLaughlin-ing” you, here is a list of some of the best local places to adopt or donate to your fury friends.

Palmetto Animal League

Palmetto Animal League Thrift Store   

Hilton Head Humane Association

The Hilton Head Association’s The Litter Box. Goods for people and great for animals.

Humane Association of the Lowcountry in Beaufort

In closing, here is a super “Christmasy” photo of Sammy with Santa. Right before the pic was snapped Mr. Kringle grabbed his collar and freaked him out.

PLEASE SHARE your Christmas pet photos below!