My friend Bethany adopted two adorable kitties locally at Palmetto Animal League. She adores these sweet feline friends and has come to realize they are much more than they seem…

Well, let me back up a little… When Bethany and I speak to each other about our pets we make up fun narratives for them and personify their lives because well, I guess we’re crazy animal ladies. Bethany is especially talented at this and her stories are downright hilarious. I thought I would share some of her kitty “narratives” with you in this Cats Tale…

You see, these cats aren’t just sassy but they’re also super busy. Julius, for example, is always hard at work. He works at a farm stand on the side of the road where he makes homemade jellies and jams, artisanal of course, that he sells to make money for a couple of macramé unitards he’s had his eye on for a while. What’s jelly and jam without biscuits, you may ask? Well, Julius says, “Not much”, so he got straight to work. Below you can see him hard at work making homemade biscuits.

I like to think of Plum as a philosopher of sorts, a timid fellow that knows what he likes. We have it on good authority that he has been pining away for a neighboring cat but mostly, he’s keeping that to himself. TBA on his intentions there… Ya know, he holds his cards close to his chest but he loves fiercely.  His largest annoyance comes from Julius blasting Careless Whispers by George Michaels as he winds down at night.  Plum, exasperated, just rolls his eyes and cuddles up next to Julius while he patiently waits for the song to die down and the line, Guilty Feet Have No Rhythm to just get out of his head already!

Below is Plum looking guilty after getting into a bag of chocolate chip cookies. He used them as frisbees and threw them all over the yard. In his defense, he had a rough day. He was riding his scooter and on his way to pre-school that morning when he fell right off. He’s a tomboy (or tomcat) and knows his way around a scooter, so he fixed it straight away and made his way to school but to his dismay, Plum was late. Due to his tardiness he was not allowed to participate in finger painting. He was full-on distraught at this point because making colorful bean prints with his little paw pads is a passion of his! Thus, the cookie/frisbee tantrum began.   

Julius after a hard day at the farmstand, dreaming up new flavors and recipes.

My favorite story is that of Kitty Sticks. When it’s time for bed Julius goes downstairs and will not come up to bed until he has got his play sticks out of his toy basket to present mom before bedtime. He really does this, and she said that you can hear a thump as each stick hits the stairs as he pulls them up to the bedroom. Once he gets in there, he jumps up on the bed and presents his gift to his mom. Finally, his task is complete, and he can hit the hay.

Let’s create a narrative for this behavior. Why do you think Julius does this nighttime ritual before he can go to sleep each night? No answer is wrong or too out there! Submit your thoughts in the comment section below. Have fun with it!